Dutchess Satin Dyed Fabric


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  • Structure
  • Dominating Fiber
  • Colour
  • Weave / Surface Texture
  • GSM
  • Width (in cms)

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Composition: 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex

Dutchess Satin Dyed Fabric : Ginger Organza Dyed Fabric Delicate And Translucent, Perfect For Creating Airy Attire And Sophisticated Decor. Welcome to Ajay Goel Textiles Pvt. Ltd., your trusted destination for top-tier wholesale fabrics. With a rich legacy rooted in excellence, we bring you a diverse range of high-quality fabrics that redefine sophistication. Our mission is to empower designers and businesses with premium materials, enhancing their projects with timeless elegance.


Colour DS:40 (N01) or DS:38 (N02) or DS:04 (N03) or DS:57 (N04) or DS:63 (N05) or DS:47 (N06) or DS:27 (N07) or DS:05 (N08) or DS:22 (N09) or DS:06 (N10) or DS:13 (N11) or DS:11 (N12) or DS:45 (N13) or DS:61 (N14) or DS:43 (N15) or DS:24 (N16) or DS:25 (N17) or DS:64 (N18) or DS:51 (N19) or DS:59 (N20) or DS:01 or DS:02 or DS:03 or DS:07 or DS:08 or DS:09 or DS:10 or DS:12 or DS:14 or DS:15 or DS:16 or DS:17 or DS:18 or DS:19 or DS:20 or DS:21 or DS:26 or DS:28 or DS:29 or DS:30 or DS:31 or DS:32 or DS:33 or DS:35 or DS:36 or DS:39 or DS:41 or DS:42 or DS:44 or DS:46 or DS:48 or DS:49 or DS:50 or DS:53 or DS:55 or DS:56 or DS:60 or DS:65 or DS:66 or DS:67 or DS:23 or DS:34 or DS:37 or DS:52 or DS:54 or DS:58 or DS:62 or DS:68
Structure Woven
Dominating Fiber Polyester
Weave / Surface Texture Plain
GSM 240
Width (in cms) 150